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Quality Internal Medicine participates in the following health insurance plans:

Quality Internal Medicine and Dr. Eapen are no longer accepting new patients unless a new patient is willing to enroll and stay in our Personalized Membership Health Program administered by Paragon Private Health/Signature MD. Please see our Personalized Membership Health Program at AFFILIATED SPECIAL SERVICES.

Quality Internal Medicine and Dr. Eapen do participate in Medicare and Tricare. However, we do not participate with any commercial insurance companies. Most of our patients are 'self pay'. Despite our limited insurance plan participation, most of our patients have chosen to get their care with our practice even though we do not participate in their medical insurance because of the type of proactive, empathetic, high quality care we deliver and our sensitivity to the inherent increased out of network expenses that are incurred. We mitigate some of these increased out of pocket expenses by suggesting that diagnostic testing be done with reference laboratories, radiology groups and other diagnostic testing providers that participate in the insurance plans of patients who see us “out of network” so these fees are billed directly to their insurance companies. Thus, “out of network” expenses payable at the time of appointments are limited just to our office visit charges and any diagnostic testing that you may prefer to get with us. An invoice is provided to our patients detailing services rendered and fees paid so that patients can submit this to their insurance company for “out of network” reimbursement. This can make getting care with Quality Internal Medicine still affordable for those seeing us “out of network”.

Patients must provide documentation of current medical insurance at each visit to receive services. If you cannot provide this documentation, and still wish to be seen, you will be expected to pay-in-full for all services rendered. If plan participation in Medicare or Tricare is subsequently confirmed, you will be appropriately refunded promptly.