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Canadian Immigration Physical (CIP)

An examination by a physician is required for everyone. For everyone age of 11 or older, a chest x-ray is also required and is performed at a radiology facility located about a mile away though it is not possible to walk there from our office typically. We will provide an order to get the x-ray and directions on how to get there at the time of your appointment. Routine blood work (for HIV and syphilis screening) is required for everyone 15 years or older. Depending on country of origin and an individual’s medical history, additional blood testing may be required no matter what the age of the individual. If you have difficulty reading or speaking English, please bring an interpreter to your appointment whenever if possible.

Please bring to your appointment, if applicable,the email attachment from the immigration department called the “Client Biodata Identity Form” which has an IME number on it. If you have not received this, we will create an online medical application for your immigration examination at the time of your appointment.

  • 3 color passport photos are needed as well as your Passport for identification verification. A driver’s license is not acceptable for this purpose. Glasses or contact lenses or hear aide, if used, must be brought with you to your appointment.
  • Please come fully hydrated for the blood work and urine test. There is no need to be fasting. Urine test is needed for anyone age 5 or older.
  • If you have any chronic medical conditions, further documentation from your own physician or specialist may be required.
  • Please bring in the ACTUAL MEDICATION BOTTLES of any prescription medications you take regularly or as needed.
  • For females: If you are having your menstrual period at the time of your appointment, please use tampons on the day of your appointment to prevent menstrual blood from contaminating the required urine test.