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Personalized Healthcare Program

Program Benefits include:

  • 24×7 direct physician access via cell phone and email which reduces urgent care, ER as well as some office visits
  • Same day or next day office visits with minimal or no waiting
  • 2 hour consultation with health coach with special concentration on nutrition
  • An annual executive-level physical, which includes the following:
    • Complete medical history and comprehensive preventative care examination
    • Audiometry / visual acuity / color vision screening
    • Mood disorder / cognitive function assessment
    • Review of all lab and test results
  • Detailed reports and information forwarded to consultants in advance of your visit
  • Personal discussion of all consultation and procedure reports
  • Personal review of all hospitalizations and clinical implications
  • Preventative health/wellness plan
    • Evidence-based cancer prevention
    • Heart attack/ Stroke risk assessment
    • Risk of Fall Assessment – where applicable
    • Bone loss related fracture risk assessment – where applicable
    • Medication-Disease Interaction report
    • Advanced medical directive planning
  • Personalized follow-up call system for appointments and tests
  • Assistance with appointments with sub-specialists and hospitals, as deemed medically necessary
  • Travel clinic – One visit per person, per year – with comprehensive infectious disease information, state dept. alerts and reliable foreign medical resources. Vaccines not included.
  • Annual visit with nutritionist if desired
  • Significantly discounted in-home personal training sessions if desired
  • Health and wellness educational materials
  • Discounts on aesthetic medicine procedures

Please call 703.707.0607 to schedule a complimentary meeting with Dr. Eapen, to enroll in her Personalized Healthcare Program, or to receive additional information. A limited number of memberships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.